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Dr. Feller



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2100 crown grafts with Dr Feller , 2nd November 2007 .

The approximate area covered was almost square measuring 7cm by 5cm , 35 sq/cms so I should get density of around 60 grafts per sq/cm , this was dicussed with Dr Feller as the best way to compliment my existing hair density as i tend to wear my hair longer , surfer style .

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Proscar 1.25mg per day .

Holland and barret hair and nail formula, just a vitamin , really speeds up growth .

Fit and active .

Don't drink and don't smoke .

My Hair Loss Story

I have been researching hair transplants from 18 months on many hair loss sites ,i started on propicia and minoxidil supplied from the Belgravia centre in London in June 2006 this helped stablise my hair loss through mpb around my crowns ,i have a double crown .

i first lost hair ,a 10 pence piece sized patch because of alopicia areata due to a stressful event when i was 24 ,this led to my friends nick naming me triple crown hahaha , it never bothered me as my hair was spiky , styled messy or dyed various coloures an it wasn't noticeable ,and because i laughed about it people rarely mentioned it . when i reached my late 20s , i,m 28 now ,my hair loss became more aggressive due to the inevitable onslaught of male pattern sucks like hell baldness ,i had slight temple recession but my double crown was left very thin due to miniturisation of the folicles ,this looked worse because of the earlier alopicia areata loss .

i dropped the belgravia centre as 250 quid for 3 months supply of minoxidil and propecia was alot ,even for somebody who believed money shouldn't stand in the way of feeling good about yourself ,i found this site ,met spex and used Dr ashbourn for my 80 quid /15 month supply of proscar /finasteride .

After approaching the top hair surgeons around the globe, and even a couple in the UK for advice , but I was left less than impressed with thw UK to be honest , so I started to look at the USA and canada .

One name kept coming to the top the pile ,that name was DR ALAN FELLER . Now i was scared of going to the states for ,what is life changing operation .but you know what ,it was easy ,very daunting ,but very very easy ,i spoke to spex got the number and just rung the US and they did there best to shift dates to suit me ,i kept laughing at there accent ,but then being from Yorkshire ,they kept lighting at mine hahahaha .

What made it even harder for me is that two days after i booked my date ,i had a motorcycle accident ,i'm a uk bike racer and nearly lost the lower part of my left leg at mallory park ,casts ,operations and leg braces didn't stop me going and having the best holiday of my life and hair surgery too .

Feller's staff where amazing ,feller does irony and sarcasm extremely well for an American and is the most nerdy monty python fan i've ever met even the girls where big family guy fans so we just had a laugh ,the whole stay was amazing . Dr Feller asks you to rest the day after ,not me ,woke up feeling great ,had sex will my hot girlfriend then went back into Manhattan wearing a cap backwards ,looking like a true New Yorker ,did all the sites ,empire states ,Broadway ,times square ,statue of liberty ,hard rock cafe ,toys r us and even met the legendary naked cowboy .

I had 2100 grafts by strip in my crown ,Dr Feller even recreated two new double crown swirls ,i was in surgery from 8am till 2.30pm ,my hot girlfriend visited Manhattan on her own and felt safe doing so . new york is safe the bus's ,trains and subways are easier than in London as every thing is numbered .

I stayed at the anchor inn on northern boulevard 2.5 miles down the same road as dr fellers surgery .here,s some good tips,if you take cash visit dr feller the day before your surgery ,this helps you off load you cash and you know where your going ,when you arrive in US change you watch to there time and forget about what time it is the the UK ,this helps stop jet lag ,the bus's ,trains and subways all cost 2 dollars in coins ,not notes ,MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A COUPLE OF DOLLARS IN COINS ,then when you get to a main station buy a metro card for 24 dollars ,about 12 UK pounds ,unlimited use for 7 days ,this gets you anywhere and all you have to do is swipe it .most people in new york are tourists so if you need to ask for directions ask a cop or bus driver ,all the streets are numbered so finding anywhere is easy .

Finally thanks to Dr. Feller ,all his staff ,top guys like SPEX and people like PB who genuinely want to help ,use you common sense guys ,there are dicks on here who are payed to confuse and cause trouble ,for some hair loss is soul destroying and some people and companies will pray like vultures on that .

How has my hair loss affected me?

Basically I resented losing my freedom of choice over how I could style my hair . I'm confident and could always deal with any piss taking or negative comments and never had any trouble getting the girls , however that didn't stop me going home and checking in the mirror , I guess we all do that sometime ? hahahaha .

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

The only ones proven to work and that I use are propecia , then I change to proscar , It's the same med just cheaper . 

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

Yes so far I'm happy , as I write this I'm only 5 months grown out , so early days yet , I'm right were I should be in terms of growth .

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

Again the only ones proven to work , proscar or propecia .

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

Absolutely given me more confidence , you will read that over and over again from patients of top hair surgeons .

My general advice and suggestions.

You can never do enough research , ever !

Always ask to see former patients in the flesh , not naked just with your own eyes .

Never ever let geography be a deciding factor in your decision .

Research , research ,research !

Top surgeon = top results