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4043 on Dec 2010

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Rogaine 2% for years; then up to 5%;  then heavier and more careful use of 5%

Finasteride;  Nizoral

Laser Comb (tried it to a while and it helped but I got lazy on using it as directed)

My Hair Loss Story

I started thinning in my 20s.   I started using rogaine and bought myself some time.   The last 5 years it started to progress more and after gettng lazy a little about the rogaine it started to thin badly.  I started to up the rogaine regimin to 5% twice a day (liberally applying) since the price has come down.  The more recent advances in HT have convinced me to give it a reconsideration and I started using propecia a few months ago along with Nizoral.  I got a little response from the new treatments before the surgery.   I was hopeful things would turn out well.  My donor area was very good and the hairs are dense/thick there.   I had always had thick hair when I was younger such that they used thinning shears on it.  

So far so good.  I'm pretty happy so far with my results.

How has my hair loss affected me?

I always felt a little bad about it as it makes me look older than I am.  After becoming single again it highlighted to me how people view certain physical characteristics like it or not. 

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

Rogaine was helpful for a long time.  Starting to get a little traction on nizoral and finasteride - TBD on the long haul but I'll say this. Dr. A took pictures of me in Sept. 2.5 months before surgery. I started on Finasteride then and Craig took pics of me on day 10 from the back. There's a marked improvement in 3 months of finesteride - the thin area has shrunk (even with the strecthing of my head from the surgery :-) ) One comment on Finasteride - it's also for prostate trouble. I can pee freer now :-) ha. Oh and also - there's reputed side effects. I have to admit a noticeable but slight reduction at first in certain things in the morning. It resumed normality after about 2 months. I guess your body just needs to get used to the meds. The laser comb was helpful but it's a pain to use it for 10-15 minutes 3 days a week and stick to it. 

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

TBD - so far they have been good.

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

All of the above

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?


My general advice and suggestions.

1) Grow your hair out 2) start Finasteride beforehand 3 months or more before surgery 3) follow PRE and POST op directions 100% - clean the wounds - keep them greasy with neosporin etc at first; use the sprays and wear a felt "do rag" surgical cap for 2 weeks to keep it moist at night etc and not let u scratch it; shampoo OFTEN as they tell you to with the special stuff 4) take 10 days or more off. surgery on a friday or sat and take the following week off. It's just better that way. 5) use rogaine and propecia and nizoral; start back up afterwards when dr. says it's ok