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Around 1993 I had a small job done at Bosley Medical - I'd say the only thing that saved me was my youth...I was 24 at the time - I don't know the count - other than count me OUT.

The next one was 2000 With Dr Rassman of NHI - they fixed the worst of the work from Bosley

Again I don’t know the count - maybe 1500 or so??? I have no idea I think it was like $9K - I really try to block all this stuff out - that is probably not good :)

I am scheduled for my next work with Dr Wong, December 16, 2008 – we are shooting for about 3500 – I am very excited, however, also very concerned about post op recovery -  I took a whole month off from work, so we’ll just see how it goes...

I am putting up a blog to just have for myself and share my experience - I just thought of the name for the domain and I couldn't stop laughing so...

Non-Surgical Treatments:


I had used propecia - several years - I always had testicular ache - it still comes and goes although I have been off for years now –I stopped – at the end of 2004 – really- it was the best thing I ever did…I just looked it up – I was on propecia (spelling???) from around ’98 to 2004 – I am quite sure it did my body no favors…

Every topical I can think of from Minox to ZIX - which was the lemon and zinc or something like that – you made it yourself – I tried, anyway I did this during those same years 98 to the end of 2004 – through mid 2005 I was on these “super herbs topical” which BTW – made my scalp feel WAY better – but it was like $2K a month and never really grew any hair - man what a mess. I feel pretty much like I got conned – a lot of see look under this microscope see how your hair bulb is changing – well no…but I see how my bank account is changing! Then I was totally free from all the lotions and potions by 2006 and have been to date. Nothing I did ever REALLY worked -  a few times it looked like it *MIGHT* - like move vellus hair (the light  “pre hair”) – but it never kicked over to REAL hair…

 Now I use this shampoo (not an affiliate linkJ

it works REALY well for me – I have a very oily head…and it is $10 J

Man the money and TIME I have wasted - its criminal... 


My Hair Loss Story