Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Palakurthi



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Today I undertook the grand step of hair transplant. I wanted as many grafts possible but only 2900 could be taken out as my hairline didnt permit more than that. Nevertheless, I will left you people to judge how it has went. I am hoping to get better looking in next 8 months. Please help my encouragement and wait time which starts today. My scar is creating that tightness feeling which i think is part of the treatment.

My Hair Loss Story

Loosing hair for last 9 years. Tried many things including homeopathy, cyclical medicine of a reputed mumbai doctor which worked for sometime but results started fading over a period of time. So ditched everything. Finasteride i think has caused some side effect, i got left hydrocele which i dont know because of this drug or otherwise, i had discontinued it but it may be something else.