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USA - California
Bald Class - 3v

always had fine, straight hair, but lots of it. Changed in my 20's. By 30's something needed to...

Europe - United Kingdom
Bald Class - 3a

Always had high hairline and very fine hair, so after thinking about it for decades I finally had...

USA - California
Bald Class - 2

USA - Texas
Bald Class - 4

My hair has been thinning over the past few years

Asia - India
Bald Class - 3v

Hello, This is me Prabhat Nawani. I started loosing hair at the age of 18. Situation got worst when...

USA - Washington
Bald Class - 5

I previously had a hair transplant procedure done in a clinic here in Seattle but the results were...

Canada - British Columbia
Bald Class - 3v

USA - Massachusetts
Bald Class - 3v

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USA - Florida
Bald Class - 5a

I started losing my hair in my mid twenties. I tried minoxidil and other topical treatments but my...

Canada - Alberta
Bald Class - 3v

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Australia - Australia
Bald Class - 3

Like most guys, I started noticing hair loss at around the age of 21. My hair started receding at...

USA - Pennsylvania
Bald Class - 3v

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