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Asia - India
Bald Class - 3v

Hair loss has been a heridatory problem in my family.I started noticing hairfall at the age of 20.When...

Europe - United Kingdom
Bald Class - 2a

Began losing hair at 20.  Temples receded consistently until I began taking Propecia at...

USA - California
Bald Class - 5a

I think it was aroun the age of 22 or so that I started down this hair loss road. I did nothing about...

Africa - South Africa
Bald Class - 3

My hair loss began at about 18, I thought in the begining that I was merely forming a more mature...

USA - Colorado
Bald Class - 3v

My hair loss first began at about the age of nineteen or twenty.  Like many other guys, this...

USA - New York
Bald Class - 5a

I really wasn't to concerned about my hairloss for many years.  Hairloss for me was a slow process...