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USA - California
Bald Class - 4

I first noticed my impending hair loss around 11 years ago at age 22 when I had just left the Midwest...

USA - North Dakota
Bald Class - 5a

Family history of baldness. Hair loss started when I was 23-24 years old and in next 5-6 years lost...

USA - Texas
Bald Class - 3v

Friends noticed some hair loss during college and more so the years following. It didn't seem too...

Europe - Turkey
Bald Class - 2

Androgenetic Alopecia

Europe - United Kingdom
Bald Class - 4

My hair loss began about 2009 (22 years old at the time). The profile photo was taken around that...

Australia - Tazmania
Bald Class - 3v

USA - California
Bald Class - 5a

Started noticing hair loss in my late teens, certain about it around 20. Propecia and Rogaine on...

Europe - Sweden
Bald Class - 5a

I have started loosing my hair ever since i was 18 years old. the progress have been slow since i...

USA - Maryland
Bald Class - 3

I have always had the worst hair...very thin and a very high forehead.  I never really noticed...

Australia - Australia
Bald Class - 6

I noticed the first signs of my hairloss in my early 20s, when I was showering I would see hairs falling...

SouthAmerica - Brazil
Bald Class - 3v

I started noticing thinning hair at 18 years old. Since then, the minoxidil and finasteride are my...

USA - North Carolina
Bald Class - 3v

Thinning at 18. Top gone 10 years later. Crown gone 10 years after that.