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USA - North Carolina
Bald Class - 3v

Thinning at 18. Top gone 10 years later. Crown gone 10 years after that.

Asia - India
Bald Class - 4

Started losing my hair form last 3 years.Taken lot of medicines to stop the hair loss but no help....

Asia - India
Bald Class - 3a

I am 27 years old and sufferring from hair loss issues from last 1 year and initially took it very...

USA - Maryland
Bald Class - 4a

About two years ago I started looking for hair restoration surgeons in the Washington metro area,...

USA - Illinois
Bald Class - 2a

First, let me offer to help you if you want to email me, I know where your head is at and I am happy...

Europe - United Kingdom
Bald Class - 6

Started to lose hair from late teens and by mid twenties I was almost NW 6. This I thought was exacerbated...

USA - California
Bald Class - 6

Started losing hair at a young age, early 20's. started to shave the rest of the hair to balance the...

Asia - India
Bald Class - 5

I started losing my hair when I went for work in Dubai in 2005. I was 30 yrs old, unmarried and balding....

Canada - Alberta
Bald Class - 3v

Started losing my hair at age 17

Australia - Australia
Bald Class - 5a

I started noticing thinning hair in my late 20's. My whole family is bald so this was to be expected...

USA - Florida
Bald Class - 4a

I probably first noticed my hairline receding around 19 or 20. I was devastated since it was the eighties...

USA - Indiana
Bald Class - 5a

I first noticed my hairloss when I was about 26 years old.? Well an "Ex" gf of mine did.? She liked...