Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1



Age: 40 | Bald Class: Bald Class 3 Email Me

After consulting with two Seattle-area surgeons, I had 1,450 FUT grafts to the hairline with Dr. Robert Niedbalski on June 20, 2012.  He's not a recommended surgeon and I didn' t know any better, but I think the surgery was successful.  The hairline design is natural and no one--not even my parents--detected the work.  It's a little lighter on the density than I'd like (exacerbated by the fact that I have very fair skin and thick, dark, straight hair), and he designed a hairline that's a relatively steep V, so the widow's peak is much lower than the temples.  The widow's peak is roughly 5.5/6cm above the brow, so quite low.  I had relatively severe shock loss from the surgery, but fully recovered.  

Non-Surgical Treatments:

I started on treatments AFTER my surgery.  I had a very positive experience with Dr. Niedbalski, but was chagrined that he didn't strongly suggest that I get on finasteride and Rogaine prior to surgery--in fact, it wasn't even suggested to me.  I started on both treatments in September 2012, so three months after surgery.  I decided to add Avodart in December 2013, simply because I want to do everything I can to halt further loss and because I tolerated finasteride very well.  I still have some shedding, but it doesn't seem to be heavy and it doesn't look like I've lost any ground behind my grafts.  I get the requisite 7-12 hairs on my hands after a vigorous shampoo, but I feel like that's pretty normal.  In my history of hair loss, I've never had a "shed" like some people talk about--i.e., a really severe period of loss where my hair begins to look suddenly worse.

My Hair Loss Story

I suppose I started slowly losing hair sometime around age 25.  I've been a very slow receder, so I never really noticed my hairline gradually crawl back until I was roughly 27/28.  I retained very strong density behind the hairline, so I never had the telltale thinness to really raise the flag that I was losing hair.  However, I'm extremely particular about my looks and the hairline bothered me, so I had 1,450 grafts to the hairline in June 2012 (more details below).  

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

I'm very happy with my first transplant.  The result is natural and hasn't been detected.  My criticisms are that the hairline edge is a bit severe, with a few too many multiple-hair grafts at the edge, and the angulation is just slightly off; the transplanted hair stands up a bit too perpendicularly relatively to my forehead.  I can't wear bangs, because the hair won't fall down on my forehead; it stick straight out.  None of this is a big deal, but it's not perfectionist work.