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Dr. Feriduni received me for pre-op consultations, listened, looked and examined me carefully. He recommended a 3,000 graft transplant but told me to sleep on it becaues 'it is a lifetime decision." He also said I should considedr taking finasteride in the long-term to stop further hair loss in the crown area. When I decided I did want it, he showed me two excercises to improve scalp laxity and explained once again in detail what the procedure would involve - planting new grafts and repairing some of the damage done by the previous surgery, when grafts were much bigger and left holes on the skin. The procedure took almost eight hours, with mini breaks for water, relaxation and light food. Doctor Feriduni explained what he was doing and going to do, how many grafts he had extracted from the strips, where he wold place them on the head. There was no pain or discomfort. The second half of the procedure, when his assistants were placing the grafts in positions the doctor marked, was frankly, long and boring and seemed to go on forever although it only took two or three hours. In the end, I went to the hotel with my head bandaged, feeling slightly sore and afraid of what the night would bring. I took some pain killers and went to sleep in a (very uncomfortable) sitting position but I got through the night alright. The next morning, the doctor examined me once again, cleaned and disinfected the strip wound and said he was very pleased so far (i sure hope it stays that way!). The next four days I did have some swelling that moved from around the eyebrows down and experienced a little pain and discomfort (particularly at night, sleeping was really impractical and uncomfortable for another two weeks). After two weeks I had the sutures and stiches removed (slightly more uncomfortable and painful than I expected but not terrible) by doctor Feriduni's assistans. He took another close look, explained with a mirror (not a very lovely sight, hopefully will get better) what he did, where he placed the grafts and what I should/should not expect and do in the next few months. Right now, a month and a half later, most of the tiny new hair has fallen out, the scalp looks pretty much ok, no sores or redness, though a few pimples have developped. It is still fairly numb - I can hit myself in the back of the head ( and i did, in the car) and not feel a thing, like Schartzenegger or Chuck Norris, ha ha. Going back to the good doctor at end of June for 3-month check-up and hope to see some new hair in place by then.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

I tried propecia and did not like it - not only did it seem to threaten my sex life, but I felt, or imagined, a funny feeling in my chest muscles, so I ditched it. Right now, using Procerin (so much hype and controversy, but at least no nasty side effects have been reported) and minoxydile, but sparingly and not really rubbing it in as it does seem to irritate the scalp a little.

My Hair Loss Story

My hair started thinning early on, in my early twenties, but it only became really apparent when I turned thirty. At that time, I underewent my first hair transplant, at a local hair surgeon in Croatia. I can't say he did a bad job - it helped me look better for a few years. For some reason I decided I wouldn't bother with minoxydile or anything else but would let nature run its course, and it did. The result - 15 years later my bald spot on the crown just kept getting wider and wider until it came to look somewhat ridiculous. At that point, it so happened that I came to live in Luxembourg and decided to look for a good hair surgeon somewhere in the Benelux. I came across Dr. Bijan Feriduni, checked out his background and references. They looked really good and decided to go for it....

How has my hair loss affected me?

I actually did grow used to it and for a long while felt only slightly embarassed when I had to sit down with someone standing over me, with a clear view of my bald spot. But recently, I took a closer look in the mirror and, what with middle age coming on and everything, decided it was time to do something, for once.

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

Too early to tell, but I do hope for the best.

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

The funny thing is - it really depends on your type of hair loss. If you're bold in the front, it probably looks worse that having a bald spot in the back, but it is much more easily remedied - hair transplants can apparently work magic here. For the crown, the doctor said it is 'a black hole' and one can never be sure if one surgery will be enough.

My general advice and suggestions.

Silly but true-  if you're not bothered by your hair loss, don't do anything. If you are, if you have enough money to spend and time to devote to it (like my doc said, hair transplant is a lifetime decision), do try hair surgery, but make sure you've found a very good doctor and have thought through all the pros and cons.