Can Hair Be Taken From Parts of the Body Other than the Scalp for Hair Transplantation?


Can donor hair be supplied from other parts of the body (chest or back) besides the scalp for hair restoration regrowth?


Is there a reason why you don't want to use scalp hair?

Hair can be taken from parts of the body other than the scalp. But I have found that scalp hair when harvested/extracted properly promotes optimal hair growth whereas hair taken from the body is often less than acceptable. Even if body hair provides adequate hair growth, body hair cycles differently than scalp hair. Body hair goes through growth cycles more rapidly and whereas a major percentage of scalp hair is in the anagen (growth) phase, only a small percentage of body hair is. In that respect, even with high hair regrowth rates, it usually takes almost twice as much body hair to cover the balding area as scalp hair.

In my opinion, body hair transplants should be considered as a last resort and after all scalp donor hair has been depleted.

Bill - Associate Publisher