Can Hair Transplant Surgery Add Instantly Longer Hair to My Head?


I'm not experiencing hair loss but my own hair is only about 6 inches long. I would like to have longer hair than this but it is not growing. Would it be possible to have a hair implant that is 8 inches long?


Unfortunately, there is no way to add longer hair to your head through hair transplant surgery. It is not practical, safe or healthy to implant synthetic hair or donor hair from another individual into your scalp.

When hair is transplanted from your own scalp, it will exhibit the same growth characteristics in the recipient area that it did in the donor area. In other words, if your hair has a short growth cycle then transplanting it is not likely to alter that.

There are some non-surgical hair loss treatments or herbal and vitamin supplements that may help to lengthen your hair’s growth cycle but there are no guarantees.

Currently, the only way to create the effect of longer hair is through weaves or hair replacement systems.

David (TakingThePlunge) - Assistant Publisher and Forum Co-Moderator