Can Hair Transplant Surgery Restore 100% of My Hair Loss?

Question: I am 26 years old and I've lost my hair. I want to have a hair transplant to restore 100% of my hair naturally with a 100% guarantee. Please tell me the side effects and total cost of hair transplant surgery. Answer: Before rushing into surgical hair restoration, you need to take time to carefully research hair transplants and the doctors who perform them. As with any surgical procedure, hair transplants present the risk of infection and scarring. In addition, patients will often experience temporary swelling, shock loss of existing hair, mild discomfort and a discoloration of the scalp. However, in the hands of a skilled and experienced hair restoration physician like those recommended on the Hair Transplant Network, many of these risks can be minimized or avoided altogether. Today’s state of the art hair transplants are often completely undetectable even by your hairstylist. Hair transplant patients can expect to live a totally normal and fully active life without fear of detection. Your transplanted hair is your hair. You will cut it, wash it and style it just as you did before. However, you will not be able to restore 100% of your lost hair and there are no guarantees. The cost of your procedure will vary depending on your degree of baldness, the number of grafts required to meet your hair restoration goals and the hair restoration surgeon you choose. David (TakingThePlunge) Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant