Can Hair Transplant Surgery Restore Hair to the Glory Days of my Youth?


I've been browsing your hair loss forum for about for 2-3 months and it has been really helpful. But as I searched and looked for impressive hair transplant results, I can't help myself but to think that there is no "perfect" result. Can someone prove me wrong? Is there someone who has reached the exact (at least 90%) amount of hair as when he was 19 years of age?


Since nothing is perfect in this world, nothing can nor should be held to a standard of perfection. Today's state of the art hair transplant surgery can accurately mimic nature, but unlike the naturally thick forest of hair we're born with on top of our scalps, our available donor hair supply can never replenish all the missing trees we lose. Thus, prospective hair transplant patients must work with quality physicians to establish reasonable and realistic goals and then decide whether or not they'd be satisfied with what hair restoration surgery can realistically produce. The bottom line is, if you're not satisfied with any of the results you've been seeing, then you are not a candidate for hair replacement surgery.