Can I Get a Hair Transplant Without Taking Propecia or Rogaine?


Can I get a hair transplant without being on any hair loss medication such as Propecia and Rogaine? I had side effects with Propecia and prefer not having to stick to the messy regime of Rogaine.


The simple answer is yes, you can get a hair transplant without being on any hair loss medication and the transplanted hair will be permanent. The purpose however, of hair loss treatments such as Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil) is to help combat against future hair loss. Without it, the natural progression of male pattern baldness will continue to whatever your genes dictate. Not everyone will end up a full level 7 on the norwood scale of hair loss (the worst possible hair loss situation). In fact, only a small percentage of balding men do. However, hair loss is unpredictable and progressive. So if you are not going to work hair loss medication into your long term hair restoration goals, a hair transplant surgeon will often have to be a bit more conservative, keeping enough donor hair in reserve in the event of future hair loss.