Can I Have Hair Transplant Surgery Before the Age of 30?


What is the best age for hair replacement surgery? Can i have a hair transplant before the age of 30? Thanks.


Age is certainly an important factor for a hair transplant physician to consider when a hair loss sufferer is considering hair restoration surgery. Typically, younger balding men and women are not great candidates simply because those who experience hair loss at a younger age run the risk of losing more hair than those who start losing hair in their late 20s or early 30s. See "Am I Too Young for a Hair Transplant?"

But age is not the only determining factor. A quality hair restoration physician must also consider the balding individual's level of hair loss, available donor hair (scalp elasticity and donor hair density), family history of baldness, whether or not the prospective hair transplant patient is taking any non surgical hair loss treatments such as Propecia (finasteride) or Rogaine (minoxidil) and whether or not they are working, and create a long term hair restoration plan in the event of future hair loss, conserving and making use of the finite donor supply for the best overall appearance of full hair coverage and hair density (if possible).

Additionally, the seeking hair restoration patient will have to consider the long term investment from a time and financial standpoint, all while keeping their goals realistic with the help of an elite hair transplant surgeon. Those with greater levels of hair loss will not be able to achieve as much hair coverage and/or hair density as those who are destined for lower levels on the norwood scale (male pattern hair loss) or ludwig scale (female pattern hair loss).

Due to the number of variables to consider, I strongly encourage you to consult with at least 3 quality hair transplant clinics and discuss your available options. Be sure also to speak and meet with real hair transplant patients of these physicians if possible. At the very least, look through countless before/after hair transplant photos of patient's with similar hair loss and hair characteristics to get an accurate understanding of what you might expect. Remember that no two hair transplants are the same however, pictures can be used as a guide.