Can I Have Hair Transplanted from my Scalp to My Chest to Cover Acne Scars?


Hello, I was wondering if you knew any Chicago, Illinois or Colorado based hair transplant doctors who can perform a body hair transplant to my chest, using the hair from my head. I have post acne scars in the middle of my chest between my pecks and want to look into having that area covered with hair. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks


Before considering transplanting hair from your head to your chest, have you considered using an ointment known to reduce the appearance of scars like Mederma, etc?

I have seen a few examples of chest hair transplants as you describe, one of which has recently been posted on our hair loss forum by Dr. Epstein of Miami, FL or his associate Aaron. For recent hair transplant photos including pictures of this specialized chest hair transplant procedure, visit “Results Posted by Leading Hair Transplant Clinics”.

This specialized chest hair transplant procedure may be performed by more surgeons than I realize, but it’s not typically presented online. In Colorado, I'd recommend consulting with Dr. Jim Harris, and in Chicago IL, I'd recommend consulting with Dr. Ray Konior or Dr. Richard Keller.

Bill - Associate Publisher