Can I Shave My Head If I Don't Like My Hair Transplant Results?


I'm at a crossroad and need some help. There's not any doubt with me that follicular unit transplantation (FUT / Strip) is better over the follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure. However, I have always had a backup plan that if I get a hair transplant in my mid twenties and for whatever reason in the future didn't get another one, I could shave my head to a grade 1 clip, and nobody would every know I ever had a hair transplant. This was the plan with FUE however, since my opinion has changed in favor of strip due to the trichophytic closure technique, is my backup plan still feasible?


If you are not willing to commit to a long term hair restoration game plan that you and your hair loss doctor worked out, it is better not to get the first hair transplant. If you are one of the rare lucky few, you may be able to shave down to a one clip and not show any signs of scarring, but don't count on it. Anyone considering shaving their hair that short must be aware that scarring may and most likely will show through. If you don't care to show the scar, that's fine. But if this thought concerns you and you are animate about shaving your head, don't get follicular unit transplantation. Even FUE scarring can show through at really short hair lengths, depending on how many grafts are extracted, the size of the tools, your healing characteristics, etc. Admittedly however, FUE scarring is usually less noticeable with extremely short hairdos since grafts are taken at varying locations instead of in a linear strip.

These are all things to consider before moving forward.

Bill Associate Publisher/Editor