Can I Use a FUE Hair Transplant Tool to Permanently Remove Hair?


Hi, my question is about the FUE tool and whether I can purchase it and how much they cost. This is not for hair transplantation, it is for hair removal. I thought, since you can remove the hair follicle permanently, instead of putting it back in somewhere else why can't I remove it and keep it out? This would hopefully be cheaper than laser hair removal plus more effective.


While you may be able to purchase a follicular unit extraction tool, I would highly advise against using such a device on yourself or anyone else. You have to realize that the FUE tool is a punch that is going to core out the hair follicle, removing tissue, causing bleeding, leaving a small hole and, contrary to popular belief, a tiny scar. In a clinic, a hair restoration physician would administer local anesthesia prior to using such a tool on a patient.

Removing hair with the FUE tool can’t be compared to laser hair removal which simply kills the follicle without causing trauma to the skin. Would you use a scalpel to permanently remove your hair?

Medical tools like the FUE tool should only be handled by a skilled physician under sterile conditions. 

David (TakingThePlunge) - Assistant Publisher and Forum Co-Moderator