Can I Use Straightening Products After a Hair Transplant?


I'm about 10 months out from my hair transplant, and the hairs appear to be fully grown in. The texture has improved, but it's still a bit coarse and unruly in certain spots. Can I use anti-friz cream to soften the hair? What about a straightening iron? My hair characteristics are naturally somewhat curly anyway, and I don't want doing anything that could damage the result. Having to deal with Male Pattern Baldness was bad enough.


In general, excessive heat is not healthy for your hair, transplanted or otherwise. Straightening hair every day with something like a flattening iron could make it brittle, and possibly more prone to breakage; however, even this should not hurt the actual follicles or cause permanent hair loss.

Misuse of chemical straighteners is another story entirely. This can damage anyone's existing hair, balding or not, and is a process that should be performed by a hair care professional. Chemically treating the scalp is very different from the day to day application of styling products. Simply using the lotion as directed with a light to medium setting on the blow dryer shouldn't harm you.

Many hair transplant patients experiment with different products in an effort to "tame" their hair during the maturation process. Although when in doubt, use in moderation.


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