Can My Body Hair Be Transplanted to my Bald Head?


I had a hair transplant 4 years ago. It's not good anymore. I now have 20 " to fill up and I don't have enough donor hair. However, I have a hairy body. Is it possible to use some of those hiar to support good donor hair?


Your transplanted hair is probably still growing strong. However, since hair loss is progressive, male pattern baldness may have extended leaving you with thinning hair and/or additional bald spots.

I believe that it’s better to use and deplete the scalp of all donor hair before considering use of body hair. Body hair transplantation is typically less consistent, yields less hair growth, and since body hair growth cycles are faster and more hairs are resting at any given time, it takes more body hair than scalp hair to create the same illusion of density and coverage. That said, a few leading hair restoration physicians have used body hair quite successfully as "filler" hair in between and around growing scalp hair to add density.

Bill - Associate Publisher