Can an Older Person With Moderate Hair Loss Get a Hair Transplant?


I hear people recommend that young men with hair loss (late teens / early twenties) are not good candidates for a hair transplant as their pattern of future hair loss is not yet evident. I agree with this approach but what about an older person (say forty) who is now experiencing male pattern baldness and wants hair restoration? Is it any different for that person since it could be argued that his future hair loss pattern is not yet evident either?

Two of my brothers are experiencing somewhat rapid, significant diffuse thinning hair just now in their late 40's and who knows where it could end up...level 5 or 6 on the Norwood Scale? Also, I had a hair transplant in my 40's and am wondering the same thing...where will I end up. I suspected I would not be too bald down the road as my father still has most of his hair and we have similar hair characteristics. By the way, another brother lost most of his hair in his early twenties and that's why I figured in my forties that I would not see significant further baldness. Now I'm not so sure.

So, how is someone in their forties now experiencing hair loss any different than someone in their twenties going through the same thing? Both have a finite donor hair supply so is it still ok for the guy in his forties to get a hair transplant? Will the forty year old never see the same amount of hair loss as a younger person might?


Though the rule of younger people with minimal thinning hair not getting a hair transplant is a good one for many reasons, each hair loss sufferer and prospective hair transplant patient must be taken case by case. This goes for older men and women too.

Male pattern baldness is not discriminatory and can often hit later in life. The risks for a younger person getting a hair transplant are greater because the chances of future and greater degrees of balding are greater.

At 40+ years old with hair loss, it is true that nobody can predict just how far male pattern baldness will shed. But the risks of them ending up a level 5+ on the norwood scale of hair loss is a lot slimmer at their age.

I might suggest that if their hair loss is not evident to date, but experiencing rapid loss, to consider getting on Propecia (finasteride) rather than a hair transplant yet. Depending on the hair loss pattern, your brothers can then get hair transplant surgery in balding or bald areas to add density or coverage to the areas.

In my opinion, attempting to control your hair loss is always the first step, no matter how old someone is.