Can Propecia Prevent Shock Loss After Hair Transplant Surgery?


I would like to know if Propecia (finasteride) can prevent shock loss? It seems that many hair loss doctors shave the hair before the hair transplant procedure. What clipper length do they shave the donor hair with? I rather just go shaved and prepared. Thanks!


Taking Propecia several months prior to surgery may help minimize the risk of permanent or even temporary shock loss. This is due to Propecia potentially strengthening miniaturizing hairs, making them more resilient. Thus Propecia may make natural hair more resistant to shock loss caused by the scalp trauma of hair transplant surgery.

Some hair restoration surgeons shave the scalp all the way down to a zero clip when performing hair transplant surgery. Those who require it believe it can help minimize shock loss since it's easier to see and get in between and around existing hair.

Bill Associate Publisher/Editor