Can Rogaine Jump Start Early Hair Transplant Growth?


I am about a month out from my hair transplant procedure. I started Rogaine a few days ago. Is this a good time to start and what is your experience with this working post-transplant? My hair restoration surgeon recommended giving it a try. Also what about Propecia to get things kick-started? The thing is, I feel like I had a fair amount of native hair loss after the procedure, which I heard is to be expected. Will this hair grow back or is it as good as gone considering its native hair I would have eventually lost anyway? That would stink, since if you get 2500 grafts and lose 750 native hairs that never grow back, the net gain wouldn’t be as great.


It's perfectly acceptable to start on Rogaine (minoxidil) 1 month after your hair transplant. However, there's no hard evidence to suggest that Rogaine will jump start early transplanted hair growth. I've also not seen or heard any indication that Propecia (finasteride) can jump start early hair transplant growth. Know that you may experience an initial hair shedding period that should cease in a few weeks to a couple months. Also, it's normal to experience "shock loss" (telogen effluvium) of natural hair in areas that transplanted hair was placed in between or around it. This "shocked" hair will return in a few months to a year. Personally, I don't like the idea of starting on hair loss medication only to cease its use, since any positive effects from the medication stops at that time.

Bill Seemiller - Associate Publisher