Can Rogaine Jump Start Hair Growth After Hair Transplant Surgery?


I am just over a month out from hair transplant surgery (1150 follicular unit grafts in the frontal 1/3 of my head) and just started using Rogaine 5% today thinking that it may "jump start" transplanted hair growth. I realize that Rogaine is not to be used in the frontal part of the head but was wondering if anyone else has tried this with any success? My thinking is that it can't hurt but it may help. Thanks.


You and I share the same thinking about using Rogaine (minoxidil) after a hair transplant. "It can't hurt by it may help". I haven't seen any real hard evidence that using Rogaine after hair restoration surgery will "jump start" early hair growth - but I suppose it's possible. Some hair replacement surgeons even swear by it. Additionally, even though it's only been FDA approved for the crown, Rogaine can be used in the front of the balding scalp. In fact, many hair loss sufferers have reported great success with it.

The good news is, minoxidil isn't required for a successful surgery. Time in itself is the most efficient way to successful hair regrowth.