Can You Tell Me Which Hair Transplant Surgeon Does the Best Hairlines?

Question: Who do you think does the best hairlines on the East Coast? Answer: As you may know, the hair transplant surgeons recommended by the Hair Transplant Network are among the finest in the world. While it’s true that some hair restoration surgeons become known for their hairline work while others become known for their crown work, the truth is that all the physicians we recommend are all capable of and regularly product excellent results. What constitutes the “best” hairline is subjective. Each hair loss sufferer has their own ideas regarding characteristics such as shape, height and density. These characteristics can be altered to some degree to suit the preferences of the patient, but a skilled and experienced hair restoration physician will take into account the patient’s degree of balding as well as hair caliber and natural density when designing a hairline. The best way to determine the physicians who are producing hairlines that match your criteria is to spend time viewing hair transplant results presented not only by clinics but also by the patients themselves, such as those in our Hair Restoration Websites. I also recommend creating a discussion thread on our Hair Restoration Forum where you can obtain opinions and see examples posted by our knowledgeable and experienced community members. David (TakingThePlunge) Editorial Assistant and Forum Co-Moderator