Concealing a Scar Shaving Hair Down After Hair Transplant Surgery?

6/22/2009 3:17:53 PM


If I were to get a hair transplant, I think I'd like the flexibility to shave my hair down to approximately a #2 clip. I really don't care if I have a visible scar on the back of my head as long as the scar isn't obviously a hair transplant scar. Is it possible therefore, for a hair transplant doctor to create a donor scar that isn't perfectly straight? Could he make it diagonal or jagged to make it look like it was from a natural accident?


Technically, donor tissue can be removed from anywhere on the scalp during hair transplant surgery. But not all locations are optimal for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are increased risks of scar stretching when donor hair is harvested from certain areas of the scalp, especially below the occipital bump. Secondly, removing tissue from areas too high on the scalp may not be safe, thus vulnerable to future hair loss.

Performing the trichophytic closure technique on a crooked or jagged scar could also be potentially problematic and maybe even downright impossible potentially increasing the appearance of the scar.

The good news is, in some cases, donor scars can be so thin that they aren't detectable even when shaved down as close as a 2 clip.

However, if you are really considering cutting your hair down that short, you may want to consider follicular unit excision (formerly known as follicular unit extraction) (FUE) as a possible alternative to follicular unit transplantation (FUT) strip surgery. However, you should discuss your options with a qualified hair transplant physician to determine a strategy that best would meet your hair restoration goals.

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