Concerned about Making Thinning Hair Above My Ears Worse with a Hair Transplant


I emailed you about 3 weeks ago regarding selecting a quality hair transplant physician. The one thing I'm worried about (which I mentioned to my doctor via phone conversation) is my donor density above my ears / sides.  I've always had relatively less hair density in this area compared to the occipital notch / mastoid process regions.  Those are pretty thick, but I'm extremely worried about this. I mentioned it to my hair restoration physician and his only comment was "most people forget about this area" but he didn't seem overly concerned.  Do you think I’m overreacting and stressing out a little too much?  What are your thoughts on this? 


The hair immediately above your ears shouldn't be touched during your hair transplant procedure. The strip line/scar will be placed much higher as your hair doctor takes the best and thickest terminal hair. The only thing that will occur is a bit of stretching of the scalp which may make the hair above your ears appear a little thinner than they are now. After only one hair restoration procedure however, the increased appearance of thinning hair above your ears should be minimal.

If the above still concerns you, you should speak to your hair transplant doctor about it and consider alternative methods of treating your hair loss.

Bill Seemiller - Managing Publisher