Concerned about No Hair Growth 5 Months After Hair Replacement Surgery


I received a hair transplant about 5 months ago. I have noticed some new hair growth but nothing impressive. When I touch the hair in the transplanted area, I can feel a lot of small hairs that do not seem to have grown or grown very little. I would estimate that about half of the total transplanted hair is like this. These hairs have not fallen out either and they seem to be doing nothing. So, my question is, should I be concerned that these grafts did not take or is this a normal part of the process?


I hear from many hair transplant patients who are concerned about their lack of transplanted hair growth at 5 months after surgery.  What you are experiencing is completely normal.  Believe it or not, most patients don't even see any signs of new hair regrowth until month 5.  Even when the hair starts to grow however, it starts as thin, fine, and colorless, and over the next 6 months, slowly progresses and matures, thickening and darkening with time.

Give your hair transplant at least a year to fully mature and the result will be far different than what you are seeing at this very early stage.