Concerns about Hair Shedding and Shock Loss After Hair Replacement Surgery


I am now 17 days out from hair replacement surgery and I'm starting to shed some of the transplanted hair which is making my hair look a lot like it did before surgery. From what I understand, this is normal?

I'm also worried to death about shock loss. Can you please tell me when this is most likely to happen, not to the newly transplanted hairs but to the existing "native" hair in between the follicular unit grafts? Answer:

It is perfectly normal for hair shedding of the new grafts which typically occurs between two to four weeks after hair restoration surgery. You will lose most, if not all of the new hair, but don't worry. Below the surface of the scalp, the follicles are healthy and resting (catagen) and will rise again and most likely begin to break through the skin between three to five months. Hair growth is gradual and won't be visible at first, though you will be able to feel them with your fingertips. They also will grow at different rates slowly maturing up to one year or eighteen months before you see the final result.

Shock loss is always a possibility for those who have had hair transplanted in between and around existing natural or "native" hair. This "shock" is a result of trauma to the scalp during surgery and can occur anywhere from a few days to a couple of months after the procedure. The good news is, in most cases, hair replacement shock loss is temporary and these hairs too will regrow typically around the same time new hair regrowth starts. Permanent shock loss can occur if a natural hair follicle is transected or heavily damaged beyond repair during surgery (minimal risk in the hands of an elite hair loss doctor) or if the hair was already miniaturizing and on its way out anyway.