Concerns about Loss of Transplanted Hair by Removing the Scabs to Early


I am 7 days out from a 2800 graft hair transplant. On the 5th day, I started seeing black scabs so I started pushing them with my fingers (not the nails). There was 1 occasion where I saw some soft tissue attached to the scab and it bled. Other than that I haven't seen any bleeding or soft tissue, just black scabs with very short hair in it. Have I lost all of my grafts which I pushed with my fingers? I keep reading that there is some potential for damaging the grafts by doing this. I have some anxiety now that I have damaged my hair transplant since I have lost a number of the scabs.


Try to relax and not to stress too much over it. The good news is, you probably only lost the one follicular unit graft that bled when you pushed the scab off. The others are probably just fine with the hair follicles alive and healthy underneath the skin. But, please don't "push" the scabs anymore with your fingertips, even if you are not using the nails. It is ok to delicately massage the scabs in a circular motion in the shower with your fingertips after about 5 or 6 days which will gently work them off without harming the grafts. It typically takes 3 or 4 days of this gentle circular massage of the transplanted hair for scabs to diminish. Above all else however, follow the postoperative instructions given to you by your hair loss doctor. If your hair restoration physician is local, you may want to consider meeting with him for additional peace of mind.