Concerns about Scab Removal and Hair Shedding 12 Days After Hair Transplant Surgery


I still have a lot of scabs / crusts 12 days after hair transplant surgery. Is it safe now for me to scrub them without the danger of pulling out the hair follicle? Also, my hair loss doctor told me that my transplanted hair will begin to shed and I would see some of them fall out in the tub or on my pillow. I haven't seen any yet, is this normal?


Every hair restoration physician has their own set of hair transplant postoperative instructions so it is important to follow then.  However, at 12 days, the follicular unit grafts are secured in your scalp and would have to be surgically removed. I have found that running my finger tips (not the nails) in a circular motion over the scabs / crusts in the shower for an extra 10 minutes two times a day help facilitate their removal.  Heavy scrubbing or picking with your finger nails is not a good idea as it can cause bleeding. Hair shedding of the grafts typically starts to occur between 2 and 4 weeks, so you should start seeing this happen gradually at any time.