Concerns about Slow Hair Transplant Growth at 5 Months

4/18/2010 10:48:22 PM


I'm on my 5th month after hair transplant surgery and I can see some improvement in the crown area. However, I don't see any changes in the hairline nor the middle of my scalp. Can you please tell me what should I expect from now on? I had 5100 grafts, so I feel like I should see more hair growth. Should I wait longer? i m starting getting nervous.


I understand how easy it is to become nervous, especially when others charting their progress on the Hair Transplant Network are seeing signs of new hair growth and you're not. However, 5 months is still very early in the hair transplant growth and maturation process. I encourage you to hang in there and take monthly photos of your progress. Comparing pictures side by side every month will help you to see the gradual but exciting changes in your hair as you approach the maturation point. I suspect you'll start to see some positive changes in the next couple of months that will then continue to improve and mature up to a year.

Feel free to chart your progress by creating your very own patient website. If you are still concerned, I encourage you to communicate these directly to your hair restoration physician.


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