Continued Hair Loss 5 Months After Hair Transplant Surgery


I'm a bit concerned with the amount of hair loss I get lately. I had a hair transplant 5 months ago and ever since then, I feel like I shed a lot more hair each day. Should I be concerned if the following happens:

1. When I wake up, I usually find about 10-20 hairs on my pillow 2. I shed about 50 hairs after a shower 3. I usually find about 2 strands of hair fallen on my shirt every so often.

On average, I'd say I lose about 150 hairs per day. I know I have male pattern baldness but I hope I won't be bald anytime soon.


Since hair goes through growth cycles, it's normal to lose between 50 to 100 hairs daily. However, knowing you have male pattern baldness and already had a hair transplant to restore some of it, it's quite probable that you are going to lose more hair.

The good news is, not everyone who experiences genetic hair loss goes completely bald. However, hereditary thinning is progressive and unpredictable. Thus, if you aren't already on Propecia (finasteride) and/or Rogaine (minoxidil), I'd strongly encourage you to consider using both of them to help slow down, stop, and even reverse some of the effects of hair loss.

Bill Seemiller - Managing Publisher