Did I Damage My Hair Transplant by Rubbing Off the Scabs Two Weeks after Surgery?

Question: I recently had a follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant of 3000 grafts and was careful in the post op. However, I feel like I made one mistake. Yesterday, I touched my head and I felt that most of the scabs were coming off with the hair. Since I had read that this usually happens, I assumed it was normal and continued to gently massage my dry scalp with my fingers. The scabs were coming off along with the crust and a lot of hair came off along with them. Afterwards, I realized that we are supposed to remove scab by using a wet towel and moisturizing the scalp first. My concern is that since I massaged the dry scalp I may have removed the grafts along with the scab and the crust. Is it possible or are they 100% secure after two weeks? Answer: Have no fear! You’d need a jackhammer to remove your grafts after two weeks! By the tenth day, the grafts are securely anchored and protected below the scalp. It’s normal for the hair follicle to fall out along with the scabs. You did not affect the graft itself and it will have no detrimental effect on your hair growth.