Did Jordan Spieth have a Hair Transplant?

Golf fans have recently been wondering if golf pro Jordan Spieth has undergone hair transplant surgery after seeing some visual evidence of this.  However, fans admit that his thicker looking hair could be the result of his new, longer hairstyle that has been combed a different way or has been matte down from the Sunday round of golf.

Like many other men suffering from male pattern baldness, Jordan Spieth has some obvious hair thinning in the front at 22 years of age.  Today's hair transplant surgery is so natural that even the trained eye wouldn't be able to detect it.  However, physician selection is vital to ensure hair loss patients receive the most natural looking results. 

At the Hair Transplant Network, we've done a lot of the work for those considering surgery.  The Hair Transplant Network community prescreens and recommends only the best surgeons based on a set of demanding standards.  Thus, anyone considering surgical hair restoration are encouraged to view our list of reommended hair transplant surgeons and then use our popular hair loss forum to research all physicians they are considering for surgery.

Written and published by

Bill Seemiller - Managing Publisher