Did My Hair Transplant Fail? I'm 12 weeks out from Hair Transplant Surgery with No New Growth


It has been 12 weeks approximately since I had my hair transplant but yet there are no symptoms of hair regrowth at the transplanted site. Moreover I had 1200 grafts. Is it possible that the grafts just won't grow? Are there any signs I can look for that will indicate transplanted hair growth under the skin or problems such as hardening of the skin, or a change in scalp color?


I speak with many hair transplant patients who seem to think that transplanted hair growth will be in full swing after 3 months, but this is a misconception. Though hair regrowth may start between 3 to 5 months post-surgery, implanted hair starts to grow as thin, fine, and colorless and slowly thickens and matures over time, up to approximately 12 to 18 months.

The hair will also grow at different rates. As you begin to see some "pop" through the scalp, others won't come through for another few weeks or even months. One "sign" of new sprouts to come to look for (though this doesn't happen to everyone) is pimples forming in the recipient area. Though they may be painful and red, this is an ingrown hair and a sign of hair growth to come. To help control the pimples, you may want to dampen a wash cloth with warm water and let it soak on the affected area. This will help soften your scalp and help the hair penetrate through the scalp. Pimples typically form a good month before any visual signs of growing.

Rest assured, as long as you selected a quality hair restoration physician to perform your transplant, you growth yield should be very high. I can't tell you what type of cosmetic improvement you will have since I don't know your degree of hair loss or how wide of an area these grafts have been placed.