Did my Hair Transplant Fail? No Hair Growth 6 After Months


I had hair replacement surgery about 6 months ago and am still not seeing any growth. Is it a failure? I'm starting to get depressed. Did I waste my money?


The results from hair transplant surgery are a gradual process. When hairs start to grow, they poke through the skin as thin, fine, and colorless, not visible to the naked eye but can be felt with the fingertips. On the average, this kind of hair growth starts to occur between 3-5 months. Some lucky ducks have early growth starting around 2 months while others experience growth even later.

Hair will also not grow at the same rate or speed. Some patients have noticed that one side grows more quickly and densely than the other, but this is normal. All in all, it takes about a year to see the final result and even then, hair can still soften and thicken over the next 6 months up to 18 months.

That being said, I know you are discouraged, but 6 months is really way too early to make an evaluation. Any hair transplant patient veteran patient or hair loss doctor will tell you this. I do recommend however, to contact your surgeon to get their feedback since they are familiar with your case specifically. I hope this brings you some comfort and hope.