Did a Scalp Massage Damage My Hair Transplant?


I had a hair transplant procedure performed about a month and a half  ago.  Yesterday, I went in for a full body massage and I made the mistake of not telling the massage therapist to not touch my head.  As I dozed off, she actually did some tugging as well as moderate squeezing on some of the areas where the grafts were transplanted.  When I woke up after the massage, I noticed that there were 5 red spots (each about the size of a tiny bug bite) on my head.  Each spot had minimal bleeding on it but I am worried that the grafts transplanted on those areas might have been damaged.  Is it possible for that to happen even after a month and half after the procedure was performed? 


A month and a half post-op, your transplanted follicular unit grafts should be securely anchored and well protected below the scalp. While bleeding is never a good sign, it would be much more of a concern during the first 10 days after your hair transplant. In my opinion, your grafts would not have been damaged during your massage. I recommend that you follow up with your hair restoration physician and continue to treat your scalp with care.

David (TakingThePlunge) - Assistant Publisher and Forum Co-Moderator