Dissatisfied with my Hair Transplant at 7 Months - What Should I Do?


I had hair transplant surgery with the hospital group on my receding hairline. After promises of a quality result, I am 7 months out and am not satisfied with the way my hair looks. Most of the hair has grown in but it is patchy and lacks hair density. am I being impatient of have I simply thrown my money away after being duped into believing the impossible was possible? What should I do?


Firstly, try not to overstress yourself. 7 months after hair restoration surgery is too soon to evaluate the final result. Many patients start to see significant hair growth at this point, but the hair has a lot of thickening, darkening, and maturing to do. Comparing a patient's 7 month hair transplant photos to his 12 month photos in many cases is like day and night.

On the other hand, I have found that many balding men and women who have hair surgery develop expectations that are unreasonable. The circumference of the balding area, the amount of existing natural hair, and the number of follicular unit grafts transplanted, will ultimately impact the appearance of density and fullness of your hair.

In my opinion, give your hair transplant at least 1 year to fully mature but speak to your surgeon about the kind of results you should expect. Feel free also to share your experience and photos on our hair loss forum for encouragement and support.

One full year after hair replacement surgery, you can decide on whether or not you want another to add additional hair density.