Do Hair Transplants Have A Growth Peak

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Undergoing a hair transplant can be stressful. The number of questions racing through a patients mind seems endless. However, the biggest question that most patients ask their hair transplant surgeons is when will they see growth. This question has existed since the beginning of hair restoration and will always continue to some degree. Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer and growth depends on several factors. In this article, we will be going over hair transplant growth.

What To Expect Right After Surgery

Hair transplant surgery does not provide instantaneous results, this is why it is so important that prospective patients educate themselves on the process of surgical hair restoration. Sadly, hair transplantation is a process that requires a bit of faith and patience. Immediately after a hair transplant, the scalp is typically reddish/pink with tiny scabs forming around the tiny graft micro-incision sites.

The micro-incision sites heal very quickly usually around 7-10 days after surgery. The redness and minor swelling typically clear and fades away within 1-2 weeks. However, the redness can linger for a few months after surgery in some fair-skinned individuals.

Most patients begin to shed their transplanted hair around the 4th to 5th week after surgery, but some shed their grafts even sooner. 

Initial Growth Phase

Unfortunately, there is no exact timeline for hair transplant growth, some patients may grow sooner than others. That said, most patients begin to see some light growth around the 3rd to the 4th-month mark. However, it is not uncommon for some patients to not see any noticeable growth until the 5th or 6th month and even then the growth may not make a cosmetic difference.

As previously stated, not every person will grow at the exact same rate. Moreover, in the beginning, phase of hair growth, the hairs appear fine and colorless which can make it difficult for a patient to notice or detect. 

Final Growth Phase

It is common knowledge in the hair restoration community that the majority of patients see their full growth around 12 months after surgery. However, not all of the transplanted hair follicles have matured and grown into their final state. At times, the transplanted hair may grow curly and kinky, this is not uncommon to see when hairs are not fully matured.

By 18 months all of the hair follicles have grown in hair shaft diameter, thus providing an even fuller and thicker appearance to the hair transplant.


While there is no exact "growth peak" there is certainly a time when hair growth is the most noticeable. Unfortunately, that time varies from person to person, some notice their "peak" is around the 4th month and others notice their "peak is around the 7th month.

By the 18th month, the full results of the hair transplant procedure are visible for everyone. Whoever said patience is a virtue, must've had a hair transplant.