Do Hair Transplants Speed Up Hair Loss?


I have heard that hair transplants speed up male pattern baldness (MPB). So if someone loses hair in the front, is a class 2 on the Norwood scale of hair loss, and gets a hair transplant, does that mean an individual who may have reached a class 3A in 10 years will now progress to a 3A in 3 years for instance? Does that mean another hair transplant will be required very soon since hair loss will continue to progress behind transplanted hairs in a shorter time frame?


Hair transplant surgery doesn't speed up the progression of male pattern baldness as a whole.

The phenomenon you are probably referring to is "shock loss". Shock loss (postoperative telogen effluvium) refers to a temporary hair loss due to trauma to the scalp during surgery. The only time shock loss may be permanent is if follicles are transected (a rare occurrence in the hands of a skilled hair transplant surgeon) or the "shocked" hairs were significantly miniaturized and couldn't withstand the trauma.

Male pattern baldness as a condition will progress solely based on your genetic makeup. The only way genetic hair loss can be controlled is through medical treatments like Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil).

Understand however that as hair loss progresses naturally, subsequent hair replacement procedures may be required to meet your hair restoration goals. That's why it's crucial to develop realistic expectations and map out a short and long term plan with a qualified hair transplant doctor.