Do I Have to Use Medical Hair Loss Treatments after Hair Transplant Surgery?

Question: Is it a must to apply Minoxidil 5% after hair restoration surgery? What may happen if I do not apply it at all post hair transplant? Answer: Whether or not a patient should use medical hair loss treatments after hair transplant surgery depends to a large extent on their degree of hair loss prior to surgery. Remember, these drugs are not needed to maintain transplanted hair. They are used only to retain the preexisting, natural hair. For most men, androgenic alopecia (male pattern balding) is progressive. A patient with a relatively thick crown who has their hairline restored may be in danger of losing hair behind their transplants necessitating further surgeries sooner rather than later. Using not only Rogaine (minoxidil) but also Propecia (finasteride) can greatly slow the progression of genetic hair loss and even regrow hair on a thinning crown. Although it is highly recommended by most hair transplant surgeons, some patients are unable to or refuse to medically stabilize their balding. For more information on surgical hair restoration without hair loss drugs I suggest reading the following articles from our Hair Loss Q&A Blog: Hair Transplant without Hair Loss Medication? Is Taking Propecia after a Hair Transplant Necessary? David (TakingThePlunge) Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant