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Do Regular or Dissolvable Sutures Create Better Hair Transplant Scars?

8/31/2009 12:55:49 PM


I'd like to know whether regular or dissolvable sutures can create a more optimal hair transplant scar. Is one better than the other? If so, why?


Most hair restoration clinics that use dissolvable sutures create a double layer closure using the trichophytic closure technique with regular sutures on the outside and dissolvable sutures running through the underlying tissue. This helps to reduce tension on the wound. Thus, it's not really a matter of one type of suture being better than the other since both are typically used and have different functions.

I'm actually not familiar with physicians who use only dissolvable sutures, but if they do, it would be interesting to listen to an explanation of their technique and reasons why they feel it's optimal.

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