Does Bleeding the Day after Hair Transplant Surgery Mean Some of My Follicular Unit Grafts are Damaged?

10/8/2014 1:34:36 AM


I had hair transplant strip surgery done about a week ago and the next day there was a lot of blood on my scalp. I don't remember how I slept but there was blood on the pillow that I slept on also.

I've been reading that this usually means that the follicular grafts were dislodged. I'm really worried now. Is this normal? I haven't had any bleeding on my recipient area since, just that morning. I've just sent an email with the picture to my hair restoration surgeon as well.


Dislodged grafts result in bleeding. However, not all bleeding is the result of dislodged grafts. Did you find any fallen grafts or notice any empty slits? If not, you're probably okay but you did the right thing by contacting your physician.


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