Does Donor Hair Grow Back After Hair Transplant Surgery?


Does the donor hair area grow back after hair transplant surgery? Or does it become bald after relocating the new hair to the crown?


Donor hair will not grow back after surgical hair restoration because the follicles are literally removed from beneath the surface of the scalp.

During a typical follicular unit hair transplant (strip) surgery, a linear strip of tissue containing hair follicles is harvested, slivered, and cut into tiny follicular units (hairs as they occur naturally). These follicular units are then implanted into tiny incisions made by a quality hair transplant surgeon into the balding areas. The donor wound is then closed and sutured (or stapled) creating a thin, fine scar. Scarring is typically minimal and further reduced by the trichophytic closure technique, a state of the art technique overlapping of the wounds to allow natural hair to grow through and camouflage the scar.

I hope this helps.