Does FUT Strip Surgery or FUE produce better Hair Transplant Results?


Can you advice which hair transplant technique (FUE or strip) has better results? Which technique can cover wider areas of baldness?


Most leading physicians in the hair restoration profession feel that follicular unit transplantation (FUT) (also known as strip surgery) produces better and more consistent results. This is because follicular unit extraction (FUE) places extra forces on the follicles during the extraction process and lacks the supporting collagen to protect the follicular units during the placement process.

Leading hair restoration physicians who also perform FUE feel that FUE may be a viable option for some patients and can produce results just as optimal as strip. Most patients who require larger hair transplant megasessions however, typically are directed toward strip since usually more follicular units can be harvested and transplanted in a single session. This lessens the amount of surgeries needed to meet a patient’s goals.

FUE is usually attractive to patients who want to avoid a linear scar. But don’t be fooled by hair restoration clinics who advertise follicular unit extraction as a “scarless” procedure. Extracting hair follicles will produce a small circular scar where the hair follicle was removed.

In the best cases, scarring is hardly noticeable in both strip and FUE cases, even when hair is trimmed short. Be sure to learn more about both hair replacement procedures and consult with leading surgeons to help you decide which procedure is best for you.

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