Does Hair Transplant Surgery Work for Everyone?


Does hair transplant surgery work on everybody - or only on men with male pattern baldness only? Could hair transplant work on baldness caused by other conditions? There is a history of male pattern baldness in my family but I think that I have lost hair due to stress, bad diet, and hair products. I used to blow dry my hair a lot. Could the heat from the dryer cause heat damage to my scalp and caused the hair roots to fall out? Would a hair transplant work if this is the case? Would I have lost the roots of my hair by extreme blow drying or are the roots still there and only the hair has fallen out? My hair is thinner from the front, top, and the crown. Is this classified as pattern baldness?


Though there can be a number of contributors to hair loss, the most common is male pattern baldness. Heat can damage the hair, but only extreme heat such as burning of the scalp can damage the hair roots. Also, regular stress and the use of most hair products don't cause or facilitate hair loss. The type of progressive thinning you are describing sounds like typical male pattern baldness.

Transplanting hair is usually infallible in the hands of a qualified hair transplant surgeon however, not everyone is a good candidate depending on a number of factors.  This includes the areas of baldness to cover, donor and hair characteristics, medical conditions, and patient expectations. Be sure to speak to a qualified hair transplant surgeon.

I recommend using the map feature of our website in order to find a quality hair transplant surgeon nearest to you.  After all, this IS a lifetime investment and getting it done right the first time far outweighs the inconvenience of traveling.

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Bill Associate Publisher/Editor