Does Propecia and Rogaine Work Only For Hair Loss in the Crown?

This question was posed by a hair loss sufferer on our hair restoration forum and answered by Dr. Michael Beehner of Saratoga Springs, NY who is one of our recommended hair restoration physicians. His professional answer is below.

Image removed.The whole issue of Propecia or Rogaine only working in the crown/vertex region of the hair loss sufferer's scalp is totally false. The reason the two companies have to say that in their advertizing is that the clinical studies they conducted on these hair loss drugs were done in those areas, and, because of the strict rules of the FDA, one can only say a drug works in the area in which you studied it. I have had many, many hair restoration patients given either or both hair loss medications who have benefited in all other areas of the scalp, including the midscalp on top, the frontal region, and even rarely in the balding recessions in front.

Topical Rogaine (minoxidil) and oral Propecia (finasteride) do work synergistically, but I find most men aren't motivated enough or willing to invest the money into taking both. Research also shows that the prescription-strength Nizoral shampoo in the 2% form which contains ketoconazole may have a slight hair regrowth effect also.

I'm still somewhat of a skeptic on laser therapy and would want to see far more convincing proof before making it a routine recommendation in my practice.

Mike Beehner, M.D.