Does Propecia Prevent Hair Transplant Shock Loss?


I just had my third hair transplant, mostly filler work to fatten up the previous two. I have never taken Propecia but do you think I should start to try to prevent shock loss since the hairs are transplanted at close proximity to the other grafts? Also, what day do you recommend putting pressure on the scabs to start removing them? I'm thinking the 7th day as the grafts should be set but scabs haven't sat around too long. I've been washing my hair twice daily and using graftcyte every hour to keep the grafts as moist as possible.


Congratulations on your third hair transplant.  Propecia may help minimize the risk of shock loss however, this is only a concern if hair has been transplanted around or between existing hair.  Any miniaturized natural or "native" hair that remains may also be at risk without the use of Propecia (finasteride) and may risk permanent shock.  If the native hair on your scalp is strong and healthy, any shock loss to this and your previously transplanted hair would be only temporary. See more about shock loss. Be sure to follow the postoperative washing and scab removal instructions of your hair loss doctor.  The transplanted follicular unit grafts are pretty much secured by day 9 however, normal hair washing can typically be resumed around day 5 or 6.  By day 6 or 7, what worked for me was gently massaging my transplanted hairs in the shower running my finger tips (not the nails) in circular motions to help slowly work off the scabs.  I also showered twice a day which helped loosen them. See also: Hair Transplant Postoperative Washing and Scab Removal Instructions